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Unwanted : Fighting to Belong (Hardcover)

Unwanted : Fighting to Belong (Hardcover)

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"He is my son. A person. He is not a condition or a statistic. He's my son."

Mary Beth Moore chose to have hope in a situation experts deemed hopeless. She was encouraged to abort her son when an ultrasound revealed the presence of multiple disabilities. Years later . experts in education said the limitations of the school system could not be changed to meet her son's needs. Again . Mary Beth chose to have hope.

Unwanted is a powerful story about one mom's journey to make the world a better place for her son. Full of heartbreak . grit . and triumph . it raises awareness for disability rights and advocates for the human right to belong.

The presence of disabilities is a natural part of humanity . and in no way makes someone less worthy of living a full . inclusive life. Children with disabilities face pervasive discrimination and systemic segregation in school systems across the United States and around the world. Unwanted explores the evolution of special education law . research on creating inclusive classrooms . and real-world stories of families and teachers actively fighting to protect the rights of children with disabilities in our education system.

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